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Feel good in your body, every single day of winter.

Health is feeling at ease in your body.  It’s knowing which tools to use to bring vitality into to your daily life.  It’s having the right oils to make your skin feel supple, even when you've spent the day moving between the damp air outside and the dry heat of indoors. It’s having the right selection of herbal medicine to give you powerhouse digestion and help you sleep like a baby. It’s using herbal medicines not because the pharmacy stuff is “evil” but because natural just works better -- and connects you to nature. 

‘Tis the season to look and smell extra good.

Soothe winter's dry, flakey skin, soften your cheeks and keep those heel cracks at bay. It's time for rainy hikes, mushroom hunting and coming back inside to cozy up in your softest sweater with a cup of hot ginger tea.  Cold and flu season is coming. Now's the time to stock up on healing herbal tonics that will help you keep doing all the fun stuff, instead of taking time out to be sick.

The AstraLux Monthly Membership has you covered, so you have the body care products and herbal medicine you need to keep on rocking, all winter long. 

Subscribe: Like getting a kickass Christmas stocking every month, but one that was packed by your cool herbal godmother.

You’ll get surprises every month and discover new products. Prepare to be hooked -- in the happiest way possible. You get just the right items, exactly when you need them most.  Our products won’t pile up, because we send you just enough and never too much. You’ll use every last drop, swipe, squirt, and spritz.

And AstraLux subscriptions make great gifts, especially in response to the inevitable questions about why your skin suddenly looks so great. 

AstraBox Monthly Membership

A monthly box (fine, it’s really a bag) filed with products that will ease your body's transition through the seasons, soothe ultra dry skin and help you sail through the cold, wet months. Use our herbal tonics to avoid seasonal health pitfalls, or maybe just to recover from that big night out.  

A monthly subscription service that takes you from fall, all through the winter and into spring.  Why 6 months? You want results, right? Herbs work best when taken over time.  This subscription gives you locally harvested, handmade medicine to usher you from the time of year when our bodies start adjusting to the cool air until we begin to shift back toward light and warmth.

Translation: You look and feel good from the time when the leaves turn and fall until the cherries start to blossom. And then if you love it, you can sign up for the next round. Winter's got nothing on you.

Skin care and herbal medicine that shifts with the seasons.

Sure, maybe you wait to eat tomatoes until summer and anticipate the pomegranates of winter.  But what about body care?  Your skin has changing needs throughout the seasons.  Shifting your skin care products seasonally is  great way to address that.  Don't worry, we'll do the work for you -- harvesting and hand preparing the perfect products for the skin issues that crop up each month.  You don't even have to think about it.  Just do your thing and know that exactly what you need will show up in your mailbox.


Option 1: Small Box 
$30 per month

Each month, you’ll get:

  • The best body care product to help your skin adjust to that moment of the year. One small item. Value: $12 - $20
  • One ounce herbal tincture. Some examples might be a sleep blend to help you doze deeply, an immune tonic to keep you going during flu season or digestive bitters to keep things humming. Value: $15
  • Bonus item: something fresh from my trips to the forest. Past examples have included nettles pesto, juniper smudge sticks and spring cleansing tea.     Value: $8 - $15
  • Bonus gift: printed monthly newsletter explaining this month's items and offering additional tips to stay healthy, grounded and connected to nature.

Total value: $35 - $50

Option 2: Large Box 
$45 per month

Each month, you'll get:

  • One large body care product or two small ones.  This could include my body butter, face oils, cleansers, salves or something extra special that I just cooked up. Value: $20 - $35
  • Two ounces herbal tincture. You'll either get one two-ounce bottle or two different one-ouncers.  I'll choose the most useful items for each month.   Value: $25 - $30
  • Bonus item: something fresh from my trips to the forest. Value: $5 - $15
  • Bonus gift: monthly newsletter explaining this month's items and offering additional tips to stay healthy, grounded and connected to nature.

Total value: $50 - $80

Like getting a birthday present every month! When I see it on my doorstep I get so excited to find out what I get to treat my body with. Karina’s thoughts on the changing seasons and what to pay attention to are so inspiring. And the bonus item is so cool as a little edible window into what’s happening in the forest each month.
— Natalie Busch
I love health and beauty products best when they make me feel magical. And I love getting just what I need, when I need it — with no planning required. For my self-care rituals, I invoke AstraLux: sophisticated, small-batch balms and tinctures that are just the right amount of witchy.
— Brandon McNamee

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Shipping is an additional $6 per month, or $36 if you pay for all six months upfront.
Use the coupon code "local" to skip shipping fees if you'd rather pick up your monthly box in Portland, Oregon.  Pick up is at Proper Salon, on SE Morrison and Grand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not so sure about switching to natural skin care products.  Will they work as well as what I've been using?
Using natural products doesn't equal giving up results. If you're bummed because you think your drugstore acne toner is the only thing that'll ever keep your skin clear, but someone told you it's going to give you face cancer, fear not. Natural stuff actually works better. Once you start using AstraLux products, your face will be so flawless, you'll never want to hit the drugstore aisle again anyway. 

I'm nervous about changing up my skincare routine.  Will this stuff make me break out?
You won't get more zits, but here's what you will have: radically smoother, softer skin with less breakouts, a more even skin tone and reduced sun damage. Most people do not experience an initial breakout when they begin using AstraLux products. They are formulated to be completely gentle, non-reactive and non-comedogenic, so they won't block pores. But on the tiny chance that you do, you can always email me. Together, we can work out the ideal regimen for your skin.

Can I join the AstraBox membership after the initial winter enrollment period is over?
Yes. After the October signup period ends, you can still get in on the remaining months of the winter membership. Early bird pricing will no longer be available, but you can still sign up for monthly automatic payments.

What if I don't like AstraLux products?
We want everyone to be as in love with AstraLux products as we are! If you aren't thrilled with your first AstraBox, drop us an email explaining why within one week of the arrival of your first box and we'll cancel your remaining payments.

What if my shipment is damaged? Do you accept returns?
AstraLux products are entirely handmade by one person: me!  As such, there may be slight variations and imperfections. But if you think your products are defective or were damaged during shipping, drop me an email and let me know so I can make it right.

I live in Portland. Is there a local pickup option that lets me skip the shipping fee?
Yep. Swing by Proper Salon on SE Morrison and Grand to pick up your monthly box with no shipping charges.  Just use the coupon code "local" at checkout.

The AstraBox Membership is for you if:

You want the very best skincare products, delivered in the perfect amounts, at exactly the right seasonal moment.

You want to expand your use of natural body care products, but don't have time to research and make everything yourself.

You have a hit and miss approach to natural medicine. You want to use herbs more often, but you're not sure what to use or when.

When you get sick, you wander the wellness aisle at the health food store, unsure about which product to buy and worried you’re buying unnecessary stuff.

You fall back on the same few wellness items, and want to expand your knowledge of how to stay healthy.

Become an AstraBox member and get an arsenal of tools to help you breeze right through the seasons.  Easy-peasy.

                              Medicinal mushrooms I harvested from a Mt. Hood Forest.                             Turkey Tails on the left and our local reshi species on the right.

                              Medicinal mushrooms I harvested from a Mt. Hood Forest.  
                          Turkey Tails on the left and our local reshi species on the right.


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